Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Advice is not often asked of seeming idlers: it is most common to interrupt the busy by such requests; and naturally enough, since those who attend most carefully to their own concerns, are generally thought best qualified, by experience, to judge for others. - Unknown

Another problem with advice is that the advisor seldom understands the full implications of the problem. When people share their concerns with us, they often display only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ The advisor is unaware of the complexities, feelings, and the many other factors that lie hidden beneath the surface. - Robert Bolton

Before you give advice, that is to say advice which you have not been asked to give, it is well to put to yourself two questions – namely, what is your motive for giving it, and what is it likely to be worth? If these questions were always asked, and honestly answered, there would be less advice given. - John William Mackail

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